The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook2 aims for affordability at $550

Last year’s Samsung Galaxy Chromebook was big, bold, red—and at $1,000, quite expensive. For 2021, the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook2 is now substantially cheaper at $550, though some of the features have been trimmed as well.All told, the 13.3-inch Galaxy Chromebook2 2-in-1 eliminates the integrated pen of its predecessor as well as its fingerprint reader, replaces the OLED display with an upgraded QLED model, and offers a slower processor. While prices begin at $550, Samsung will sell an upgraded model for $700, though it still won’t be as fast as the original Samsung Galaxy Chromebook. According to Samsung, the original Galaxy Chromebook was the highest-selling premium Chromebook in the market—though, as our story noted, premium Chromebooks typically don’t sell as well as the cheap $300 Chromebooks that tend to be most popular at Amazon and Best Buy. Danielle Moten, the senior product manager of new computing at Samsung, actually referred to the Chromebook2 as “an addition to our Galaxy portfolio,” rather than as a replacement for the original model.To read this article in full, please click here
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