Save 96% on a lifetime subscription to this holistic wellness app from Verv

TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to the Verv Premium Home Workout Planner is on sale for £28.81 as of April 28, saving you 96% on list price. It takes more than just exercise to be healthy. Depending on which experts you ask, there are a number of other pillars that matter when it comes to your overall wellness. And all of them agree that while physical activity is definitely important, nutrition, sleep, and relaxation all come into play as well. That’s why Verv takes a more holistic approach to its personal training app. Verv is an all-in-one solution that targets all four of the main pillars of health. The extensive app library features not only exercise routines, but also meditations, meal plans, ASMR, sleep sounds, and more. There’s no need to download and manage multiple app subscriptions in order to live a healthier lifestyle. Verv fits everything you need into one simplistic, yet effective, app.  Read more…More about Apps And Software, Mashable Shopping, Wellness Apps, Tech, and Health
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