Make your own bee bed, a bed inside a beehive

If you’ve ever dreamed of sleeping in a beehive with live bees (and really, who hasn’t?), Horizontal Hive as free plans on their site for building your own bee bed: Another great thing about horizontal hives: you can sleep in them. Do you still think that bees are for making honey? I thought so too until I built myself a bee bed. I call it Bed-and-Bees or B&B and it is a long horizontal hive where you are separated from the bees by thin planks and can bathe in their warmth and vibration and smells without any danger of being stung. It will change your life forever once you experience how relaxing and soothing and healing it is. It surely changed ours! For the complete story about the effect sleeping-with-the-bees can have on your mind and body (and on the whole planet) see the article in the October 2015 issue of the American Bee Journal. And here are the complete free plans for making your own bee bed! So you’re not technically sleeping with live bees since there are some thin planks separating them, but no. I mean, just, no. What are we even talking about here? Clearly whoever is running Horizontal Hive has eaten too much honey and lost their mind. They act as if it’s perfectly normal to go, “Honey is tasty and all, but I bet what bees are really good at is snuggling.” Keep going for one more shot of the bee bed.
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