Health Ministry targets 30,000 people as vaccinations restart Monday

The Ministry of Health will restart the country’s vaccination programme on Monday with the hopes of giving 20,000 to 30,000 more people their first shot of AstraZeneca. At the ministry’s virtual press conference on Saturday morning, Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh said people’s second dose would be administered when the second and third tranche of vaccines from the Covax Facility arrive in TT. He said approximately 33,600 are expected to arrive in early May, and the third tranche in June. TT has already received 75,600 vaccines. Two thousand were a gift from Barbados, 33,600 from the Covax Facility, and 40,000 from the Serum Institute of India (SII). He explained each batch had extra doses of ten to 15 per cent, taking the total number of doses to around 83,000 to 87,000. Approximately 42,000 people have already been vaccinated, leaving a remainder of about 37,000 doses of SII vaccines. Some of the extra doses had already been used. He announced there would be 29 vaccination sites, including one mass vaccination site in each regional health authority (RHA) in Trinidad. There will be five vaccination sites in the Eastern RHA, six in the North Central RHA, five in North West RHA, ten in South West RHA, and three in Tobago RHA. Speaking at a press conference in Tobago on Thursday afternoon, the Prime Minister announced that all the available vaccines would be used instead of being reserved for the second shot. He said the vaccines that would be used for the second shot would come via Italy while pointing out that Italy had earlier banned the export of AstraZeneca vaccines. The post Health Ministry targets 30,000 people as vaccinations restart Monday appeared first on Trinidad and Tobago Newsday.
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